How Can I Become Recertified in PMDB?

*New in 2021 - Recertification is now a 4-year period.  Candidates for recertification must complete 48 hours of accredited continuing education related to the PMDB Blueprint and/or the disorder you may be treating with the majority of your hours being biofeedback specific. Individuals certified in more than one BCIA program may use CE credits taken from either program. Review the CEU Summary of Requirements for additional information. If for any reason you are unable to complete the CE requirement, you may take the certification exam as an option. 

  1. Review your CE credits to be sure that you have completed the requirement. Three of the required hours must be related to ethics and professional standards. If for any reason you are unable to complete the continuing education, you may take the written certification exam
  2. Review the BCIA Professional Standards and Ethical Principles to ensure you understand and are in full compliance.
  3. Complete and submit your online recertification application.  Include a copy of your license if appropriate.
  4. Once your application is accepted, BCIA will invoice you for the appropriate recertification fees.  Your fees can be paid either online or by check. The application must be filled out completely before we will invoice you for the fees.

**Because all applicants are licensed health professionals, many will have the completed the continuing education as a function of renewing their license.

Below is the link to the Recertification Application.  Once you have completed the application completely, you can pay your fees online and you will receive notification that your application is being processed.

*Dual Recertification means that you currently are certified in more than one modality.  For example, you may be certified in both biofeedback and neurofeedback.  The board voted to reduce your recertification fee by $25 each.  You may use the same CE credits for either recertification and are not looking for an additional 48 hours.  Senior Fellow recertification applicants are only required to complete 30 CE credits. If you have questions about filing as semi-retired or requesting a medical extension, please contact [email protected].


Recertification Application