International Fee Structure

BCIA is proud to announce our fee structure for all international applicants. 

This revised fee structure was designed in line with the country groupings as used by the World Psychiatric Association.  All fees including certification, recertification, and even webinars will have 4 different fee levels in accordance with the financial realities in each country or region. We know that our field is coming of age worldwide and it is important to be able to offer education, training, and certification more affordably. 

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Certification Fee Structure

The filing and certification fees have been combined for all biofeedback and neurofeedback certification programs.  Please check this country list to see where your country is listed and then you may refer to the fee schedule below.  If you can document that your country may not be in the correct grouping, please email us at [email protected] and provide us with your rationale.

  • Group I        Full Certification Fees are $450.

  • Group II       Full Certification Fees are $350.

  • Group III      Full Certification Fees are $250.

  • Group IV      Full Certification Fees are $175.


Webinar Fees

  • Group I        $40

  • Group II       $30

  • Group III      $20

  • Group IV      $10


Recertification Fee Structure

BCIA offers a discounted fee for those who file their applications earlier in the year.  CLICK HERE to see the country group classifications.


Postmarked on or before June 30

July 1 – October 31

After November 1

Group I




Group II




Group III




Group IV





International Continuing Education Requirements

INTERNATIONAL OUTSIDE OF US AND CANADA - Certificants are required to complete of 36 hours of blueprint- relevant, accredited CE (including hours of ethics) in the past 4 years. (Senior Fellows attest to 24 hours including 3 hours of ethics.) Ten percent of all recertification applications will be audited.  The candidate will be notified requesting a CE log with copies of proof of course completion to be submitted within 30 days.  If there is no response to our request for documentation, the application will be considered incomplete.  If an application is incomplete or withdrawn, the candidate will be given time to complete the requirements.  All fees are non-refundable.