Canada and the US enjoy a similar pathway to legislate health care.  Canada uses registrations within the province to regulate those who can independently treat diagnosed disorders such as psychology, medicine, counseling, etc. The requirements for certification in Canada are exactly the same as for the US including a Technician Certification level in both biofeedback and neurofeedback.

The Canadian Psychological Association

Neurofeedback has become more widely recognized and The Canadian Psychological Association formally announced a Quantitative Physiology Section.

Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

What is CASL?
The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is a law that requires an organization to obtain consent before contacting an individual in Canada by email or text.  It applies to any company or organization that sends electronic messages (i.e., email, texts) in connection with a “commercial activity” to any computer, smartphone or tablet in Canada.  Its key feature requires Canadian and global organizations that send commercial electronic messages (CEMs) within, from or to Canada to receive consent from recipients before sending messages.


How will CASL affect me?
If you live in Canada or have a Canadian email or mailing address, your communications may be impacted. For some things, your certification by our organization gives us implied consent to email you for a limited time. If you reside in Canada and do not provide express consent, we cannot contact you by email to send you reminders about your certification to ensure it does not lapse. The best way to guarantee uninterrupted communications about BCIA’s benefits, services, and your own certification is to grant express consent. Please remember, you can remove your consent at any time.  


Email Correspondence
BCIA maintains regular email contact with our certificants, applicants, and others whom we consider promos - people who have expressed interest in our certification by contacting us or by completing a didactic training program as one of the requirements for certification.  Blast email is the easiest way to reach out to tell you about industry news, upcoming educational opportunities, recertification, and even about jobs in your area.


If you live in Canada, we’d like your permission to keep in touch by email. A new law from Canada requires our organization to get your permission before emailing you. If you’re OK with that, please provide your consent by clicking on the link below which will take you to a one-question survey. If you’d like more details before making your decision, read the fine print below in the FAQs.


Provide Consent or Remove My Name!
This link will lead you to a one-question survey that either provides consent to be contacted using our blast-emails or lets us know to remove your email from the system.  Please understand that should you tell us to remove your email address, you will no longer see announcements about upcoming educational opportunities, changes to the recertification requirements, or even job ads that could provide a way for you to use your skills professionally.


How do I change my consent preferences?
You are able to remove your express consent at any time.  If you work or reside in Canada and choose to opt out of CASL express consent, you will no longer receive electronic correspondence from BCIA.  You may change your CASL consent at any time by sending us an email to [email protected] and requesting that we again include your email in our announcements.


What if I deny consent by selecting “No”?
If you revoke consent by actively select “No”, we will remove your email list from our blast e-mail system.