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From QEEG to Neurofeedback: Bridging the Gap Between Assessment & Training for Effective Neuromodulation by Dr. David Hagedorn and Jon Bale
Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM HST
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Thought Technology will be offering a free webinar.  

Thought Tech is proud to be hosting a collaborative free Fall webinar with our co-marketing partners Evoke Neuroscience. The eVox® System is a medical device that enables primary and specialty care physicians to assess brain function in-office and use the results to aid in making a clinical diagnosis.


Come and listen to Dr. David Hagedorn, CEO of Evoke Neuroscience and Jon Bale, Product Manager at Thought Technology as they walk you through QEEG assessment and neurofeedback training techniques: Get an in-depth look at how the eVox QEEG system can simplify and improve your client assessments. Learn how to translate the recommendations from the assessment into easy-to-implement neurofeedback and HRV biofeedback training programs. Get the tools you need to gain new insights into your clients brain function, and the knowledge to help them learn to regulate their brain wave activity. By the end of the webinar, our goal is for you to gain a better understanding of how you can use EEG, ERP, and ECG technology in your practice to improve clinical outcomes. Register here.